Bola88 King

Though it doesn’t have any relation to the game, every pair of hand Bola Bola88 has its own name and you should know some just for adding knowledge.

Nick Names of Hand judi bola

Every part in the card game has name and term. You don’t need to remember them all because some of them have no relation at all with Bola Bola88 game. However, by knowing at least some names or terms, you know if this card game is not a new game and this is historical game ever being played. Interestingly, every pair you get as your starting hand has name even for the unuseful pair.

Know Some Unique Nick Names of Hand Bola Bola88

There are so many unique names of pair in Bola Bola88 game and you just need to know though you don’t have to find out the meaning of them one by one for example:

  • JJ is called as Dyne-O-Mite, Gents, Kid Dynamite, Jay Birds, Johnnies, hooks, fishooks
  • QQ is called Calamity Jane, Divas, Mop Squeezers, Pair of Wire Cutters, Snowshoes, Jailhouse Rock, Double Date, Four Tits, Siegfried and Roy, Canadian Aces, Canadian Rockets, Hilton Sisters, Hookers, Bitches, Whores, Ladies
  • KK is called as Ace Magnets, Krispy Kreme, Kangaroos, Gorillas, Kingkong, Cowboys
  • AA is called Sharp Tops, Visine, Joe Louis, Alan Alda, Teepees, Flying Nazis, Snake Eyes, Sticks, American Airlines, Bullets, Pocket Rockets, Rockets
  • 22 is called as Quack Quack, Pocket Swans, Deuces, Ducks
  • 33 is called as Strumpor Och Skor, Treys, Crabs
  • 44 is called as Darth Vader, Midlife Crisis, Sailboats, Dirty Harry, Canadian Presto, Magnum
  • 55 is called as Nickels, speed limit, presto


Those are some nick names of every pair inside Bola Bola88 game so you know the uniqueness of this game ever and every part is important.